Our Student Saloon Offers 50% Off on all treatments

How our student salon works:

In our student salon, we offer treatments at 50% of the actual cost. All treatments are done under strict supervision of the teacher and are performed by fully trained students who are ready for their assessments.  


How to book a treatment in our Student Salon?


Call the college on 020 87324500 and express your interest in getting a treatment in our student salon.  Please also suggest type of treatment you need and when you would like to come for the treatment.  Once we have acknowledged your request, we will check if any student is available to offer you the treatment at requested date and time. If yes, we will call you back to confirm or we will try to reschedule your appointment at another time when it is possible.  All treatments in our student salon require a full advance payment via online bank transfer. 

Call us on  07815839129 for Micro-blading and Micro-pigmentation treatments in our Student salon. 










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